ActiNovo Liposomal

We have always known, at least theoretically, the potential that oral vitamins, minerals and, other natural health supplements can provide. The problem is that most of these supplements fail to make it past the small intestine, and on average, less than 20% of the nutrients are actually absorbed. When higher doses are taken, bioavailability is further reduced, often resulting in digestive upset and frequent trips to the restroom. The solution? Liposomal Supplements.

ActiNovo uses liposomes, lipid vesicles created from Sunflower Lecithin, encapsulating supplements and protecting them against the GI tract’s harsh environment. Like this, active ingredients are transported directly into the bloodstream.

How well does this technology work?

Typically, since liposomes are actually cellular building blocks of our bodies, liposomal supplements are indistinguishable. The result is about 98% absorbability but let’s go a little further with a few examples.