vest - EMF Protection Phone Cases & Accessories


Mobile Safety is the trusted provider of vest - EMF protection phone cases and accessories from Australia, including anti-radiation wallet cases, belly bands, tablet cases, & blankets.

vest - EMF Protection Phone Cases

Our mobile phone is an inseparable part of our life. We carry it, hold it, and use it every day, nearly all day. That is why we must protect our investment, and more importantly - protect ourselves from the potentially harmful radiation it emits.

Vest anti-radiation wallet case is an attractive, sturdy, high-quality PU wallet case that protects you from absorbing high levels of mobile phone radiation while protecting your phone from damage and credit cards from RFID theft.


  • Reduces radiation by up to 89%
  • FCC certified laboratories tested and proven
  • Protects your phone from the impacts of drops and bumps
  • Models covering all brands, versions, and sizes of device

    < < Vest cases have a unique anti-radiation mesh that covers the earhole to prevent radiation leakage > >

    vest - EMF Protection Phone Cases - How do they work?

    Vest Anti Radiation Cases contain revolutionary high-tech polymers infused with radiation-deflecting elements. Together with a PCB acting as an additional antenna, they successfully divert radiation emitted from the mobile phone away from the user.

    The front flap contains metal elements that block electromagnetic radiation penetrating through it by up to 98%. Use your phone with the wallet closed to block radiation while on a call. Keep it face down if storing it in a pocket. 


    The United Nations World Health Organisation has classified mobile phone radiation as possibly cancer-causing and advises mobile phone users to minimize exposure by using hands-free devices or texting.