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ActiNovo - Liposomal Liquid Iron Supplement

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  • 10 ml contains 15mg of Iron
  • Up to 63x higher bioavailability!
  • ISO 22000 / GMP Certified
  • No Flavor Enhancers
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Sweetener Free
  • 100% Natural
  • Lactose-Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
    Essential Iron is a trace element that is necessary for the body. It contributes to the regular formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin and is needed for active oxygen transport in the blood. It also has a function in cell division.

    Iron supplements contribute to:

    • cognitive function
    • energy metabolism
    • immune system
    • reduction of tiredness and fatigue

    Higher requirements for vegans and vegetarians 

    Meat and cereal products such as oatmeal contain exceptionally high amounts of Iron and are also known as iron-rich foods. The Iron in meat is the divalent heme iron form, which is much better absorbed by the body than the trivalent non-heme Iron found in plant foods. 

    Covering the iron requirement can, therefore, become a challenge with a meat-free or reduced meat diet. For this reason, vegans and vegetarians, in particular, should ensure a regular intake to prevent iron deficiency. A deficiency can lead to anemia and a decrease in oxygen, which manifests through symptoms such as pale skin, fatigue, and concentration problems

    The challenge of iron absorption - the solution: liposomes

    ActiNovo - Liposomal Liquid Iron Supplement - Details


    The human body often absorbs most conventional iron supplements on the food supplement market only in small amounts. In addition, they are often poorly tolerated, resulting in side effects such as nausea and diarrhea. Because of these consequences, many people discontinue the treatment early and before the Iron is replenished. 

    Due to the liposomal encapsulation of the Iron, the substance can pass through the stomach-intestinal barrier and gets directly into our bloodstream. Thus, with our liposomal Iron, we offer a tolerable and, above all, effective method to cover the daily requirement without side effects.

    Just 10 ml of the ActiNovo product provides you with 15 mg of Iron per daily dose equivalent to 600 g of spinach! Our iron product is allergen-free, vegan, and with the fruity taste of cherry!

    ActiNovo - Liposomal Liquid Iron Supplement - Additional Information

    Ingredients: Water, Phospholipids, Sweetener (Xylitol), Seabuckthorn Extract, Iron Saccharate, Flavour (Cherry), Acidifier (Citric Acid), Antioxidant (Natural Mixed Tocopherols) 

    Suggested Use: 10ml/24hrs. (with or without food)

    Storage/Shelf-Life: 26 weeks (minimum) – sealed and stored and room temperature, six weeks (minimum) – kept in the refrigerator after opening

    Do not exceed the stated recommended daily intake of ActiNovo’s Quercetin. It is not recommended for pregnant women or children.