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  • ArcOne X450V Auto Darkening Welding Lens | OPC Safety | $325
  • ArcOne X450V Auto Darkening Welding Lens | OPC Safety | $325
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OPC Health & Safety

ArcOne X450V - Auto Darkening Welding Lens

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ArcOne X450V Xtreme (4-1/2" x 5-1/4" x .267") has a 40 percent larger viewing area than any other auto-darkening filter on the market!

    • 12.6 Square inches of the active viewing area
    • welding helmet auto darkening shade 9-13
    • Four independent sensors
    • Switching speed of 0.1 milliseconds
    • Features a power-off mode to maintain a light state when grinding
  • Water and dust resistant

Protect your lens with an ArcOne 02-OP Polycarbonate Protection Plate!

 ArcOne X450V - Auto Darkening Welding Lens

    • This filter has 12.6 square inches of a display area, variable shade 9-12 screen, a specialized TIG filter, MIG/Stick mode, built-in sensitivity, and delay.
    • Four factory-tuned independent sensors are located in all four quadrants of the screen to provide maximum arc detection allowing the filter to stay dark as needed while minimizing any chance of a total sensor block. Also featuring a power-off mode specifically designed to maintain the light state when grinding, a 'dark to light' state of delay of 0.1 and 2 seconds, and up to shade 16 UV/IR protection.
  • This filter has a switching speed of 0.1 milliseconds, water and dust resistance, and light state 3.