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Cobb Grill Canada

Cobb Bamboo Cutting Boards

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Everyone needs a Cutting Board when cooking from scratch. Why not get one that is attractive and compatible with your COBB grill? Available for the Premier and Supreme cooking systems.

This cutting board is a stylish yet practical and sustainable product for both indoors and outdoors. The groove near the board's edge catches run-off juices and serves as a great kitchen tool and cooking companion. 100% bamboo, which ensures long-lasting quality, won't harm your cutting utensils. The Dome Lid does not come with the Cutting Board.


  • Oval Supreme: Cutting Board for the Supreme with a dimension o" 21" x" .75". The board is big enough to use for large pieces of meat, your Thanksgiving turkey, or a beautifully displayed cheeseboard for your next party.
  • Round Premier: Cutting Board for the Premier with a 13″ in diameter; large enough for everyday cutting jobs or a juicy roast hot off the COBB.