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Cobb Grill Canada

Cobb Bread Tin

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COBB’s Bread Pan can be used for bake on any COBB grill, in your oven at home or RV.

Bake a loaf of bread or dessert on your portable grill with COBB’s Bread Pan, designed to fit all COBB systems or use in a regular oven.

Cobb Bread Tin - Details

Bake fresh bread or dessert at the campsite or on your back porch by placing the Bread Pan in the middle of your grill to allow even airflow. Place on the Roast Rack, which in turn, gets mounted on the Grill Grid or Griddle. When baking, use less charcoal or use the COBB Pizza Stone under the Bread Pan for extra buffering and even heat distribution. Alternatively, heat gets diffused by layering heavy gauge foil right underneath the Bread Pan. When elevated on top of the Extension RingFrying PanWok, or BBQ Kit is also used to place the Bread Pan on, preventing the bread or cake from burning on the bottom. The Dome Lid should then be closed to capture the convection heat flow. Refrain from opening the Dome Lid too often. Every time the lid is lifted, hot air escapes and cools the oven down, affecting the baking process. The pan is 9 inches in diameter and 4 inches high.