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vest Microwave Radiation Shield

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Vest Microwave Radiation Shield

A microwave oven emits potentially dangerous radiation, particularly in close proximity to it. vest Microwave Shield keeps you safe without any hassle or compromising on your kitchen decor:

How does it work?

vest Microwave Radiation Shield contains revolutionary high conductivity aluminum layer, reducing radiation emitted from the Microwave device by up to 78%. Moreover, vest Microwave Radiation Shield provides maximum protection at the highest radiation emitting area of the device – its bottom front door.


  • Reduces radiation by up to 78%
  • FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven
  • Fits most microwave ovens. Size 375mm x 240mm
  • Easily attached
  • Lightweight
  • • A contemporary and organic design
  • • Eco-friendly recyclable packaging

Treat yourself to the high quality and safe microwave shield you deserve.